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How to take care of your leather jacket?


Leather Jacket was invented in the early 20th century and since then, it has proven to be one of the most stylist attire in the world of fashion. From celebrities to well-known political figures, who doesn’t wear them? However, many people face lots of problems in maintaining their coats in a good condition. In this article, I will talk about some of the ways to overcome them and take care of your leather jacket. But before I start I would like to ask you, is your jacket that you are claiming to be leather genuinely made from leather? I know there are many ways to verify that but I would like to share one of them. Drop a small amount of water on the jacket. Real leather will absorb the water within few seconds, however if it’s not absorbed, chances are high the product is fake.

take care of your leather jacket-genuine leather or not

Ways to take care of your leather jacket

The first and foremost thing you should do is read the manufacturer’s label. It may contain special instructions on how to clean your jacket or make it last for a long period of time by avoiding certain stuffs.

Always try to keep your jacket dry. Refrain from wearing this outfit outside in rain. Keep an eye on your sweat, especially if you are living in a humid condition. The sweat of your neck may cause the collar of your jacket to become wet, and if it stays like that for a long time, it may cause damage to the fabric. So let it dry for a while after you get back home.

Keep the jacket in a well-ventilated space. Do not store it inside a plastic material as it will restrict air circulation. You may use a nylon bag. Also try not to use plastic hanger to keep it hanged anywhere.

Keep it away from heat or sunlight as it might distort the shape of the leather fabric. Do not iron it by yourself.

Buy a leather conditioner or leather lotion. Apply small portion of it into the jacket and wipe it gently using any soft cloth. This will remove some dirt and bring back the shine of your coat.

Lastly, try to get your jacket cleaned by a professional cleaner once a year. He can easily remove any marks or spots on your jacket. If there are any cracks or any minor damage, a leather cleaning service provider will know exactly how to treat it properly. So try to avoid cleaning by yourself.