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Brands and Types of Jackets

brands and types of jackets

I asked my girlfriend once what attire suits me the most. She instantly replied ‘Jackets’. No wonder jackets can give you a dashing look that no other outfits can. Choosing the best one can be confusing at times as there are so many brands and types of jackets in the market. So let me start off by giving you a list of the trending brands in the market. They are:

And trust me there are many, many more! So, when do you mostly wear a jacket? Do you wear them in parties, office or during a walk in the evening? Comfort is another big factor of wearing any outfits. You should take all the factors into account before purchasing a jacket of your choice. By the way I gave you the list of the famous jackets brands in the market, but wouldn’t you like to know the type of jackets that each brand is offering. The types are mainly distinguished based on the fabrics and design of the jackets. For instance, you must have heard about the biker jackets, bomber jackets…yeah so that is what I am going to talk about now. Here we go!

1. Biker Jackets

Trust me these are my favorite ones and I wear them most of the time! And relax, you really don’t need a bike to wear Biker jackets, even I don’t own a bike. These short, biker jackets are mostly made of leather with silver zips. So if you want to get a rough and tough look in the winter, I would suggest you to grab few of them with black or brownish colors.

2. Trucker Jackets

I am sure you are quite familiar with the denim jackets, the type of fabric we see on jeans. Yeah, these type of jackets are mainly called trucker jackets. They usually have buttons in the front with double chest pockets. Most of them are bluish in color, however you may seen them in other colors too. For casual wear, they are perfect.

3. Bomber Jackets

How often have we heard about the bomber jackets? These are short, fitted jackets and you can recognize them with the elastic cuffs and waist. They are very much durable. Members of the US Air Force used to wear these type of jackets, and this is how the name ‘Bomber Jackets’ came from. They are mostly made up from wool and nylon.

4. Track Jackets

Track jackets are mainly the sports jackets commonly worn by athletes. They are very lightweight and comfortable to wear with easy zipper in the front. Ribbed cuffs and waistbands are also seen in this type of jacket. People who go for morning or evening walk during the winter, you will often find them wearing the track jackets.

5. Hooded Jackets

It is needless to say what are hoodie jackets. They are the ones with the hoodey! Almost all of us have at least one hooded jackets for sure since they make you look so classy after all. They hoodey can protect you from sunlight and rain as well. And if you are roaming around with your girlfriend and suddenly you see your parents on the way, the hoodey can save your life as well! Just kidding….

6. Overcoats

We all know what overcoats are. They are very long and thick type of jackets or coats which can keep you warm in freezing temperatures. You will find them in the market in variety of colors.

7. Shearling Jackets

Shearling is the sheep skin that you get from young lamb. Since they are made from sheep’s wool, they can keep you extra warm and rugged. They are one of the coolest types of jackets you will see.

8. Parka/Anorak Jackets

The word ‘Parka’ means ‘animal skin’. These are the ones with fur-lined hoods. The Parka or Anorak are also waterproof, pull-over jackets which do not have a front opening. They are usually thigh-length or longer.

9. Peacoats

They were initially worn by European and American sailors. The Peacoats have broad lapels and double-breasted fronts with very big buttons and vertical/diagonal shaped pockets. They are made from navy colored, course wool fabric. However, they are not waterproof.

10. Trench Coats

Trench coats also have military origin like the Peacoats. One might find that they look similar as well but there are many differences. Unlike Peacoats which are made of wool, Trench Coats are made from gabardine. They are usually khaki in color and contain a belt. Most importantly, they are waterproof unlike Peacoats.

11. Raincoats

These are water-proof, breathable jackets worn in rainy seasons. The raincoats are mostly used for protection against wind and rain rather than for styles. They also come with a hoodey most of the time. Slicker is another name for raincoats rarely used.


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